Frank on October 12, 2009

This message from Jack Hyles also includes a group of ladies from one of Lester Roloff’s homes.

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Frank on October 11, 2009

An excellent message preached by Dr. Jack Hyles on 1 Timothy 4:12, he includes in it, that “…the young Jack, is same as the old Jack!”

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Frank on October 8, 2009

God can use everyone!

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Frank on October 6, 2009

The last sermon Dr Hyles preached before going on to heaven. Preached in Mexico with Missionary Tommy Ashcraft doing an excellent job in translating the message into Spanish on the fly.

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Frank on October 5, 2009

It may look like evil is prevailing, but Jesus is returning – He will set things right. One of Dr Hyles greatest sermons to encourage the brethren that we are on the winning side. We win in the end! This turned out to be the last sermon Dr Hyles ever preached at Pastor’s School. He […]

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Frank on October 4, 2009

Another one of Dr Hyles great messages teaching that things in life should have a purpose to serve the Lord, if not, stop doing them.

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Frank on October 4, 2009

When the cup is turned to wormwood, And the wormwood turns to gall; When your walking turns to stumbling, And the stumbling to a fall; When you’ve climbed above the mountains, Yet the Alps rise rough and tall; DON’T QUIT. When the path ahead is crooked, And the road’s too rough to tread; When the […]

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Frank on October 3, 2009

I am an idea. I came to visit your mind. You held me for a moment and planned to capture me. You told me to wait for awhile while you did something else. I tired of waiting and took my flight. It is too bad, for I perhaps could have even changed your life or […]

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Frank on October 2, 2009

Classic Dr Jack Hyles sermon. Determining to stick to the “same old stuff.” Keep on serving the Lord no matter what others may say.

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