Frank on March 30, 2011

I love Thanksgiving when we pray, And July 4th and Labor Day With picnics, ants, and hungry flies, And barbecue and hot French fries, With Cokes and chips and apple pies Beneath some hazy, lazy skies.

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Frank on October 2, 2010

Lord, help me to live from day to day In such a self forgetful way That even when I kneel to pray My prayer shall be for others. Help me in all the work I do To ever be sincere and true And know that all I’ll do for you Must needs be done for […]

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Frank on October 4, 2009

When the cup is turned to wormwood, And the wormwood turns to gall; When your walking turns to stumbling, And the stumbling to a fall; When you’ve climbed above the mountains, Yet the Alps rise rough and tall; DON’T QUIT. When the path ahead is crooked, And the road’s too rough to tread; When the […]

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